Grammar is the framework on which all languages are formed. Stringing a bunch of words together which make no grammatical sense is incoherent babbling. Grammar is a subject that’s taught in schools along with the language.


Grammar is taught to a child by the parents or guardians as soon as the baby starts to speak. Later on, this job is done by the school teachers and all students achieve a certain degree of fluency in a language. They can speak it and write it; or can they? Let's be fair, all are fairly good at writing, but everyone does not master the skills to become an effective writer.


The words of the language aren’t the stumbling blocks, it’s the check grammar online. Yes, even the best writers do make silly and unknowing grammar mistakes. Punctuations and misspelling common words are the biggest obstacles that all writers, whether novice or experts face. Where to place that comma, or should it be a semi-colon is a quandary for some writers.


Writers put their thoughts together on a certain topic and then rush to write or type them. In their exuberance, they ignore grammar rules as they don’t want to lose their train of thoughts. Now all this works out very well, and what the writer wants to say, he or she manages to say it in their writing.

But that’s not the end, whatever is written needs to be proofread to ensure that spelling and grammar is correct. Now to do this the writer has three options read the content aloud; get someone else to read it and lastly use a grammar check application to suggest the corrections.

Authors and journalists have proofreaders to do this job for them, but other writers do not. They are left with one option which is, to use a grammar checking application. Today, there are a number of grammar check sites, and some of them are free and quite good. Writers are encouraged to use them before they submit their work.


A unique problem faced by web content writers is that they are handed a list of keywords and phrases that they are instructed to use in writing the content. Now, this can be fairly easy if the keywords are grammatically correct. But at times some of the keyword phrases don’t make grammatical sense, and this becomes a stumbling block for the writer. The writer should not get unduly worried when they have to use a grammar keyword that is incorrect. They can pad words in them to make them sound meaningful. For example, a keyword 'home loan bad credit' looks and sound ridiculous, what the writer can do is to change it to 'can someone who has bad credit get a home loan.' The keywords have been used in this sentence and it sounds like what a searcher would type in the query.


There are ways to 'fix' and correct the grammar of keywords that look and sound ridiculous. Writers should not get unduly worried about handling such keywords. What's important to keep in mind is what the visitor would type in a search for a particular topic and try to use those words in the content.